LG Generic Programming Menus

Internet Setup 
1. Select Menu.
2.Select Settings.
3.Select Connection.
4.Select Network Profile.
5.Select Network Profile.
6.Enter the following information:
→  Connection title:  good2GO web
→  Auth: [None]
→  User name: [empty]
→  Password: [empty]
→  APN: att.mvno

Browser Setup
1.Select Menu.
2.Select Media Net (if At&t).
3.Select Browser Settings.
4.Select Accounts.
5.Select Options.
6.Select New.
7.Enter the following details:
→  Acct Name: good2GO web
→  Homepage: http://ztdevice.home
→  Connection Type: TCP without proxy
→  Security: Non-Secure
→  Time out: 150
→  Network profile: good2GO web
→  Click Save
→  Check the box next to good2GO web

MMS setup
1. Select Messages.
2. Select Message Settings.
3. Select MMS.
4. Select message Center.
5. Select Options.
6. Select New.
7. Enter the following information:
→  Name: good2GO MMS
→  MMSC URL: http://mmsc.cingular.com
→  MMSC Proxy: proxy.mvno.att.ztarmobile.com
→  MMSC Port: 80
→  Connection Mode: Tcp w/o Proxy
→  Network Profile: good2GO Web
8. Click Save
9. Select Activate